About our Company


NO waiting time charges 
All vehicles are Mercedes/Luxury sedans and vans
Wheelchair / Disabled accessible vans with power lifts and ramps
We have no per person charges as rates are for vehicle
You do NOT "share" your vehicle with other passengers
All rates INCLUDE "meet & greet" curbside - $45 additional for VIP Greet inside terminal 
No Parking charges
No Cancellation charges
All taxes included
No toll charges
No early morning or late night pickup charges
14 Passenger Van service at low hourly rates
24 Hour Voice dispatched service
Professional, well trained chauffeurs
Vehicles are new and immaculately clean
Infant/toddler seats available with advance notice ($10 per seat)
24 hour, 7 days a week personal service (no answering machines)
Major credit cards accepted
Fully Licensed and Insured
Short online Reservation System (Does not require credit card info)

Burki Limousine Inc is proud to be the DC areas first choice in luxury ground transportation. Based in Northern Virginia, Burki Limousine Inc specializes in group transportation via Chartered Buses, Luxury SUVs, Limousines and Sedans. Our team is committed to providing the highest level of service, comfort and safety for every passenger on every trip. As a full service transportation provider, we offer a cost effective solution to any transportation need. Contact a reservation specialist today to discuss how Burki Limousine can meet your individual transportation needs.

Charter Bus Transportation
Burki Limousine Inc is the premier operator for superior Washington, DC chartered sightseeing tours to all of the most important, famous locations. We cater to all types of groups including school, church, corporate and more, and will customize your ground transportation service according to your needs, time constraints and budget. We can also provide group or corporate Maryland and Virginia bus tours.Contact a reservation specialist today to discuss how Burki Limousine Inc can meet your charter bus needs. We can provide custom bus tours in Washington, DC for any purpose for your group. We welcome you to call us at (703) 865-5532 or toll free at (877) 665-3292 to coordinate your professionally serviced transportation needs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q.How does being picked up from an INTERNATIONAL flight work? I would be coming in on an international flight to Dulles, when I came in earlier this year it was a nightmare for the person picking me up so we think we will use your service but I just wanted to know if there will be someone there to pick me up or I have to call and wait?
A.International flights are always tricky. Secondly we are available on WhatsApp Messaging 703-865-5532 Toll free 877-665-3292 or via Email Us The passenger can be out within 15 minutes of the flight landing or 2 hours later. We have two options. The Budget option is that we best estimate when the passenger would be coming out of customs and dispatch our driver accordingly. Rates for that are listed on our website. Drawback of this service is that you may end up waiting, if you exit customs sooner than we expected.
We have a VIP option, in which the driver is waiting at the terminal as soon as the plane lands regardless of what time you may exit customs.. With this option, we charge you a flat $45, in addition to the regular fare. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this procedure for our international travellers. After a long flight it's a small surcharge to pay for the guarantee and comfort of having to know that your chauffeur will be there waiting for you as soon as you exit customs. Just let us know in the comment section. By default the budget option is selected. If you wish to utilize the VIP option, let us know in the comment section of the online reservation page. If calling in the reservation, get a confirmation via e-mail or fax. This option is only available for our International Travelers, since domestic flight travelers already enjoy this option free of charge.

Q. What's this new On Time Pledge all about?
A. For this option, reservation have to be made online and payment has to be made in advance. Pickup from residences, hotels and train stations VIP option is not required. It is already included in the price.

Q.Do you do point to point transport or just airport pickups?
A.We do any kind of transportation required by the customer be it from your residence to a theater or just a night on the town.

Q.Are the rates per person and is this a shared ride?
A.No, The rate you see is for the entire vehicle. The car is for your use and can seat up to four passengers and a reasonable amount of luggage. Should you require a larger vehicle please call your reservation agent. This is NOT a shared vehicle. The car is reserved solely for you and your passengers. To be honest we cannot understand how other companies can even get away with this shared ride concept! The vehicles we dispatch are Lincoln/Cadillac sedans.

Q.Is the rate really all inclusive? 
A.Yes, The rate you see or are quoted includes everything. There will be absolutely no additional charges. Gratuity is left at your discretion.

Q.What about parking and the fact that my plane came in late?
A.We have no extra charges for flights coming in late and waiting time charges. We monitor all flights so that you don't have to worry about waiting time charges and parking. It's all included. For International flights the parking is free for the first hour, however if it takes more than 2 hours for you to appear from the terminal, the driver MAY charge you for parking. It is at his discretion, just as it is at your discretion to tip him accordingly! If you are delayed for any other reason such as filling out forms for lost luggage or waiting for other members of your party and you require the driver to wait, please contact us as soon as possible so we can instruct the driver to wait , It will cost $45 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments, whether you have booked a sedan, van, E-Class Mercedes and S-Class Mercedes.

Q.Does the rate quoted include meeting the passengers curbside at the airport and helping them with the luggage?
A.Yes, The rate includes "meet & greet" curbside at the airport, the parking fees and any waiting time while you collect your luggage. We do not charge for anything extra. However if you do require driver to come inside opt for the VIP option in the comment box.

Q.Do I tip the driver?
A.We have no company policy regarding gratuity and it is entirely at the discretion of the passenger.

Q.Do you charge for early morning pickups?
A.No, we do not have any charges for early morning pickups.

Q.I missed my flight/appointment and I forgot to let your company know?
A.There is a nominal charge of $25 to cover the drivers parking and travel time should you have forgotten to let us know and the driver was waiting for you at the airport. For BWI airport the charge is $50. To avoid any of these charges, please do let us know, as all reservations are made in good faith.

Q.I never saw the driver at the pickup point, so why should I have to pay?
A.On occasions customers have difficulty in locating the drivers. We always insist the passenger call our office at 703 865 5532 before leaving so that we can help the passenger locate their driver who are waiting for them. The drivers incur charges on every pickup, so it's the least that can be done. Due to this reason we require a payment. Give our office a call before you leave and do not assume the driver was not there. As always we do not require any deposit when making a reservation and depend on your goodwill.

Q.I did not have your telephone number and could not get it from 411.
A.That is one for which we do not have an answer! The customer definitely had it when they called to make the reservation! As we mentioned, all reservations are made in good faith and keeping with our policy of never holding a credit card to make a reservation. We believe in your repeat business and hope you continue using us even if you misplaced our number!

Q: Is your company licensed?
A: Yes, we are a fully licensed company and are required to abide by the regulations set by the Virginia Department of Motor vehicles.

Q: Are your prices per car or per person?
A: Our prices are per car not per passenger. The price you see is the price you pay. 

Q: How early do I need to book my car?
A: The earlier the better. However, 6 hours would be recommended. If you are making a last minute booking it is best to phone.

Q: Can I make a booking on the phone?
A: Yes you can make a booking on the phone our telephone number is +1(703)865-5532. 

Q: Can I make a booking if the party consists of more than 40 passengers?
A: We can provide you a service with a combination of vehicles. We have 32 passenger buses, 14 passenger vans and 7 Passenger Ford Excursions

Q: Will you meet us at any time of day?
A: Yes we are able to provide a 24hour service. We will meet you at any time of day there will be no extra charge for unsocial hours. The only time we levy a extra charge is for the Christmas period or weather emergencies

Q: How do I meet the driver?
A:Each airport has a different setup and you can find the info on our home page. Generally speaking your driver will meet you curbside for international flights or at arrival level/departure level for domestic flights. He or she will have a board with Burki Limousine Sedan Service logo on the windshield. Your name or flight details will be hand written on this board. Please call us from any Phone by dialing 1-877-665-3292 should you have any trouble locating your driver. This number is a free number to dial.

Q: What will happen if we do not meet the driver?
A: You will be liable for parking charges/fuel used/cancellation charges and that is why we insist on you carrying our number. Our driver will leave the airport if you do not contact us. Unfortunately in such circumstances we have no option but to charge the full fare for the journey. In some circumstances we may charge a reduced amount based on costs incurred. Drivers incur expenses and these charges are borne by the drivers and as a result they depend on your goodwill to show up or pay them for their time.

Q: What if the flight is delayed or early?
A: We will check the flight status on the day and the driver will arrive at the airport as the flight lands. if you have made other arrangements the driver will arrive according to those arrangements.

Q: I have completed a booking form will you confirm the booking?
A: Yes we will confirm your booking via an automatic e-mail receipt. If you do not receive this confirmation please contact us as we may not have received your booking. The system is entirely automated and if you receive a confirmation there is no need for further communication unless you have any questions.

Q: Do I have to pay any additional costs for waiting?
A: The driver will arrive at the airport as your flight arrives or as arranged and will wait for you to get your luggage. There is absolutely no charge for this. If you are delayed for any other reason such as filling out forms for lost luggage or waiting for other members of your party and you require the driver to wait, please contact us as soon as possible so we can instruct the driver to wait , It will cost $45 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments, whether you have booked a sedan, van, E-Class Mercedes and S-Class Mercedes.

Q: What would happen if I were unable to complete airport formalities and was detained by immigration?
A: The majority of customers clear formalities within the free waiting time. Our driver will leave the airport if you do not contact us. Unfortunately in such circumstances we have no option but to charge the full fare for the journey. In some circumstances we may charge a reduced amount based on costs incurred.

Q: Do I have to pay extra for a meet and greet service at Washington Dulles Airport, Reagan and BWI?
A: No, Unlike other companies we are the only company in DC with the 'All Inclusive Rate guarantee" however if you want the driver to wait inside and help you with luggage there is a flat $45 extra charge 

Q: Can you guarantee that your driver will be at the pick up on time?
A: Though our drivers will make every effort to arrive on time, at times it is difficult to predict traffic and other situations outside of our control. We will make every effort to contact you via phone if we are delayed. These instances are very rare and 99% of the time we are able to meet your as you exit arrivals. In these circumstances we make every effort to arrange transport through our company and if we are unable to arrange alternative service at your cost, we will refund any advance payment that was made. Please note, Burki Limousine & Sedan Inc will not be held liable for any expenses you may incur because of our driver not showing up and there are absolutely no exceptions to this. Please call our agents to discuss this further.

Q: Can I pay by credit card?
A: We are able to accept major credit cards via telephone or on arrival. There is no surcharge for card payments. You can also pay the driver on arrival in cash or credit.

Q: Do I need to pay in advance?
A: No you do not need to pay in advance except for specialized vehicles 

Q: Will my credit card number be secure?
A: Yes, the credit card transaction will be processed securely. We only use the safest form of gateway for our online transactions. This will take place across a secure server and connection. We keep all your card details in a safe and secure place and are then destroyed after the journey has been completed. You also have the option of using our online checkout which is the safest form.

Q: Can I smoke in the car?
A: You may smoke only with the permission of the driver who is free to decide at his or her own discretion.

Q: Do we need to tip your driver?
A: Tipping is not essential, but in the US, a tip is offered as a sign of appreciation for good service. Not Compulsory. It is between you and your driver.

Q: Can I cancel my booking?
A: Yes, you can cancel or postpone a booking, but not at the last minute. You will be charged the full amount. Minimum 6 hours cancellation policy.

Q: If I have paid by credit card and cancel my booking can I get a refund?
A: Yes, you can get a refund less the cost of the credit card transaction fee. However last minute cancellations will not be refunded. Minimum 6 Hours cancellation policy.

Q: How much luggage can I carry?
A: It is essential that you book a vehicle capable of carrying your luggage for an efficient transfer from the arrival point. We will not be held responsible if you book a vehicle that is not capable of carrying your luggage. If you are not sure please clarify with the booking agent and get it in writing.

Q: How do I query or cancel a booking?
A: You have to call us at 703-865-5532. We do not accept any other form of communication.

Q: What is desired time of pickup?
A: This is to facilitate flexible pickup arrangements, whenever required. If you are a departing customer we can only suggest a time of pick up. Please note that these are estimates and journey times may vary dependant on incidents, weather and other unforeseeable reasons. If you are a arriving customer give us the flight details and we will check the flight status. You are welcome to make any arrangement suitable to you.